Rachelle Newsham

Founder of Newsham Insurance 1971.

Norm  Newsham



Dave Newsham

Barrie Shaw

Donovan Florian



Our Family

3rd Generation

Newsham Insurance History

Rachelle Newsham worked at Ford Credit Canada and CIBC in her early years. She then moved to work at a car dealership to head their Insurance office. After a few years there she decided to branch out on her own.

So, on March 1, 1971 Newsham Insurance began. She worked from her house for the first year and then had made enough money to pay rent for an office space at Glengarry strip mall. She stayed there until North Town Mall was completed at which time in 1974 she moved the office to that location where it remained until 2017.

Terry Newsham began working at Newsham Insurance in 1973 and was joined by her brother Dave Newsham in 1978. Norm Newsham worked for the City of Edmonton until 1977 at which time he also joined the agency.

Barrie Shaw worked for an Insurance Company and that is how he met Terry Newsham and they got Married <3

In 2003 Newsham Insurance required help putting files into the computer due to a back up malfunction and Barrie came in temporally to help out and has never left :)

Terry & Barrie's daughter Jennifer Florian showed interest in working in the industry so she worked at ING Insurance for 2 years to gain a different perspective of the industry before joining the family business.

Jennifer's husband Donovan Florian was an Industrial/Commercial & Residential Red Seal Roofer and had to have back surgery. While he had surgery and was recuperating he came into Newsham Insurance to temporarily help out to scan files into the computer system so we could transition to paperless. Like his father in law he is still here for the long run :)

Rachelle passed from Cancer in 1988 and Norm Newsham passed from a Heart Attack in 1997 at which point the agency was passed down to Terry Newsham-Shaw and Dave Newsham.

We are very proud and know Rachelle would be proud that we have been able to carry on the family business and keep 100% of the ownership so that we can make decisions that are the best for our client's interest.